1. Kappin

From the recording Kappin ft. LP

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prod. By DJ Telli


What’s happening, why u kapping all that talking but u not about dat action I’m a savage I keep it classy bitch don’t get confused I’ll pull up what’s the addy
bitch,what u talking bout
I know what u all about
capping in yo songs , on the book but what u tal Gm king bout
pull up ima air it outlet out
scary hoe go take a nap
bragging you not even down bitch
Kapp about guns tho
Kapp about clothes no
yo don’t want no smoke
Fight you a no show
boss Chyc ain’t no joke
I bring the fire to flame
that’s why u mention my name
want me to put u on game
you wanna take all the fame
money i already made
tryna throw salt on my name
mad that I stay in my lane
mad I don’t fuck with no lames
boss Chyc I stick to the name
popping this shit with some fame
put that on everything
check out the chain and the rang
dripping not leaving a stain
do this and won’t ever change
Me and u never the same
I’m taking over the game bitch
What’s happening, why u capping , always talking but u not about dat action I’m a savage I keeping p it classy bitch don’t get confused I’ll pull up what’s the addy
All talk but hoe u not about it
then u made a song about me
convincing everybody that you know me bitch I highly doubt it
I don’t give two fucks about it
master p Been bout it bout it
mad because I’m running up a check don’t gotta stunt about it
You hoes be fake in a a bitch
lying ain’t talking about shit
get mad cause I stay on my shit
popping I always been litt
bussin it down like a brick
makin these hoes take a pic
Walk in the club like I’m rich
Stay on they ass like a tic
Shop n go buy new fit
No kappin bitch I am dat bitch

Hold up who they think they fucking wit,yapping with that bumping shit
I pull up on ya with that 40 waving like a bumper kit
Make that ass lay it down hoe cause we don't fucc around
All dem bad muthafuccas hoe they laying in da ground
Pull dat strap or even box you know that's how a nigga rock
Chosen by the greatest hand picked out that litter box
I don't think you want it tho I slide ya right up out cha socks
Mob shit,make u disappear just like the chicken pox
I will never tolerate cha boy u ain't in my debate
I'll have ya body temperature dropping just like dem northern states
If anybody wanna side wit cha they can get it too
Whoever wanna add they opinion I'm a visit you
Walk up to yo front door pressin with dat calico
Fuck all dat " man I was tripping dude my bad bro"
Lp and Boss Chic we keep da sauce thick
And we gon handle yo ass and we gon talk shit